The Moon Goddess

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The Moon Goddess

Oh, how we love our Moon Goddess. She forms an essential role in many cultures, traditions and belief systems throughout the world. Hardly surprising seeing as we see her almost every night and feel her emotionally as she travels through her cycles. The beautiful Moon is allied to the Divine feminine in all her guises. The moon has a few Masculine deities, in Hinduism they have a God of the Moon called Chandra and in Germany there is a God called Mani. There is an Inuit God of the Moon called Alignak and Thoth was a lunar God. However, there are literally dozens and dozens of Moon Goddesses.

The Moon has fascinated humankind since they first pondered the universe. It holds magic and mystery. It pulls the oceans and the seas, has magnetism and effects our emotions. The moon has cycles of waxing and waning and sometimes disappears completely. The Moon helps birds and animals navigate the planet. It helps us measure the best time to plant seeds and harvest our crops.

Many of our Moon Goddesses were associated not surprisingly with this magic. Cerridwen we’ve all heard about. The Celtic Crone Goddess renown for her mystical cauldron of wisdom. Cerridwen represents the transformative power of the energies associated with the Moon. Mystery, magic, knowledge, life, death and rebirth. She stands for intuition and perception. For psychic vision and instinct.

Another popular Goddess associated with the Moon is Diana. Diana the Huntress as she is frequently called. Although Diana is perceived as an icon of purity and chastity, she is a Goddess that is sort after for fertility and ease in childbirth. In Greek mythology Diana took the place of Luna as the Moon Goddess directing the movements of the Moon from her chariot. Diana’s youth, beauty and purity became her trademark as the Goddess of Light.  

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