Crystals for Beltane

The festival of Beltane marks one of the annual turning points on the Wiccan or modern-day pagan Wheel Of The Year.


Beltane’s Eve falls on the 31st of April, where celebrations begin that run through the first of May each year. It is a Greater Sabbat and a major fire festival.

The word Beltane comes from the Celtic God ‘Belinus’, although many Gods are celebrated at this time. One you may be more familiar with is Cernunnos, pagan God of the wild hunt – of the forest and honoured at this time.

Pan, the Greek God of fertility, the wild and insatiable passion, is also a contender for the celebration at Beltane. Companion of the nymphs, with cloven hooves and the horns of a goat, he was believed to hypnotise fair maidens with his sensual rustic music, lure them into the forests and ravish them.

Sabbats are essential reminders to humanity that we are all connected as one. Not only to each other but also mother nature and the cosmos. It reminds us that each has a place to stand within the microcosm with a purpose.

Beltane is a time to celebrate fertility, the coming of summer and honour life force energy. It is a time to light fires and jump over them to purify yourself.

Beltane Celebration


This pagan festival has been passed down through generations as a time of fertility and sowing the seeds of the future harvest. Beltane is a time to recognise that nature is vital to survival and well-being. The Earth begins to burst forth its splendour and dress the trees and land in greenery. All over the country, May polls will be lifted, people will dance, and drummers will drum up the energy to fever pitch. There will be gatherings the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and further afield as the May Day celebrations get underway.

While the dancers weave the ribbons intrinsically around the Maypole, Morris dancers perform, banishing the dark of winter and celebrating the fertility of summer.  Swords and sticks clash in time to the music, and handkerchiefs are waved. Perhaps for the symbology,* mimicking the animal kingdom; handkerchiefs representing a rooster’s striking comb for his sexuality, strength, dominance and fertility? Who knows? Either way,  a well-rehearsed and organised troupe of Morris men dancing by the Maypole is a sight to behold.


Summer is on its way, and it’s time to rejoice. Layout your Crystal Grid and tell the universe your hearts desires.

Blessed Be.

Celebrate Cernunnos


Bring the energy of Cernunnos into your home and your life by dressing up as the Green Man or making an image or painting of him for your alter. Bring the outdoors in and think green.


Black Obsidian

Volcanic eruptions create this dynamic, powerfully grounding natural glass. Masculine by nature, strong and protective.

Celebrate With Goddess Ostara


The Goddess Eostre/Ostara is celebrated at Beltane by dancing around and through the Birch Tree. The Goddess Ostara represents fertility, rebirth and renewal. Ostara is the Maiden Goddess and is responsible for bringing spring; she blesses the agricultural start of the year. Hang ribbons loosely over the branches so they will be carried away on the wind with your wishes upon them. Green, the colour of the fertility of the land and red, the colour of passion, are the colours of Beltane. Woman braid their hair with flowers and ribbons in honour of her and to take on her energy.



Stimulates the seat of our root chakra where creative self-expression and intense sexuality live. Enhances the flow of life force, passion and fertility.

Take Time to Heal


Now is the time to gather your strength. Use this time to work on what your body needs. Exercise and adopt a healthy diet. Summer is on its way, and things are about to get busy.


Green Garnet

Green Garnet is used for essential cell regeneration, fire in the belly, self-empowerment, and powerful Mother Earth connection.

Honour Your Power


Recognise that there is power in balance. Honour your male and female energies and know when to push and when to pull. When to fight and when to surrender. Know yourself first.


Dragons Blood Jasper

Dragons blood jasper incorporates the energy and fire of the Kundalini captured from Dragons, according to ancient myths and legends. The blood and the scales of the dragon are evident in the markings—the balance of both male and female energies.

Beltane Crystal Blessing Set


Laying out a Beltane crystal grid is a powerful way to bless your dreams and desires and give them the energy to thrive.

A crystal grid focuses intent and gives your power to them to amplify that energy. The symbol that the crystals lie on calls the attention of the great spirits to your work. It sends a vibration to the universe, a calling card of your intent. This form of summoning the Gods has been used for centuries in every culture of the world in some shape or form. The Native Americans use Sand Paintings. The Egyptians used hieroglyphs – meaning Holy Marks.

Preparing an alter is a good way to set your intentions for your Beltane festivities.

An alter can simply be a clean space within the home to place items that represent things of Symbolic meaning. It is a good idea to start this about a week or two before as there will be items that need to be prepared or made.

Here are some ideas;

Make a Male and Female doll to represent the deities

Some will make these from found things like twigs and straw, which are laid on the altar for the ceremony, blessed and embued with power and then returned to the earth. Some make wool or cloth dolls representing their respect for the Goddess Ostara and God Cernunnos. Fill these dolls with notes, crystals, pieces of material or things that have meaning for you; These dolls will adorn the altar, and because you have made them, be empowered with your gratitude, love, wishes and desires. 

Make a Mini Maypole

A mini Maypole can be made from a birch twig and wound with red and green ribbon. Charms can be sewn or glued onto it-  to empower it. 


Seeds represent new growth, life, health and possibilities. Make a seed cake or bread loaf to eat at your celebration. Select some seeds to plant to go on the window ledge and nurture, reminding you each day to cherish yourself. Plant a new tree; try an oak, hawthorn, rowan or birch.


Either purchase or make yourself some aromatic candles. Fragrances to try for Beltane are ylang-ylang, geranium, tangerine, jasmine, frankincense and any heady flowery oil that resonates with you.

Make a Wish Tree

Gather some twigs blown down from a Rowan or Birch tree. Position them, so they resemble a small tree with a trunk and expanding branches. Wrap the trunk with masking tape pulled really tight and attach it to something to anchor it. An old coaster or ashtray might work. Now paint over the masking tape with brown paint to resemble the original colour of the tree. Place it on your altar and decorate it green and red with ribbons and beads etc. On the eve of the festival of Beltane, write on tiny pieces of parchment or paper your goals, wishes and dreams. One on each piece. Then roll them up and tie them with thread attaching them to your tree.  

On Beltane after your ceremony or a day or so later when convenient, take your tree into the garden and safely away from danger – set fire to it. Watch it burn, and as the flames rise, send your thoughts to the wishes sending them up and on their way.

Layout your Beltane crystal grid

Laying out a crystal grid is a fantastic way to bless your home, set your intention and show the universe your wishes and desires for the year ahead.