Crystals For Imbolc

The festival of Imbolc marks one of the annual turning points on the Wiccan or modern-day pagan Wheel Of The Year.


Imbolc falls on the 1- 2nd of February each year is a Greater Sabbat and a fire festival.

Sabbats are important reminders to humanity that we are all connected as one. Not only to each other but also to mother nature and the cosmos. It reminds us that each has a place to stand within the microcosm with purpose.

Imbolc is a time to celebrate the first stirring of new life. Snowdrops begin pushing their heads above the soil, and the lambing season begins. Daylight is noticeably longer, and all around us, the earth is awakening. There is excitement around us as we are at one with the earth, filled with expectations and possibilities.

This is the time to release the things that do not serve you well. Spring clean and declutter your home, clear your admin and while you’re about it, clear your body and mind too; forgive and be kind to yourself. Emotional hurts and baggage are in your past, and now is the time to let them go.

Imbolc Celebration


Light your candle at Imbolc,

It symbolises the return of the sun.

Sit quiet and construct your Brighid cross

It symbolises your healing, your craft, your abundance.

Lay out a crystal grid – it focusses your intention.

Eat a little seeded bread or cake, drink a little red wine,

It symbolises fertility and a year blessed with possibilities.

Plant a little seed and nurture it through the coming days,

It symbolises self-care.

Most of all have fun,

Spring is on its way, and a new year has begun.

Blessed be.

Celebrate Goddess Bridget


Brigid stands for creativity, healing and passion. For rejoicing, singing, dancing and life. She promises renewal. Brigid’s flame.


Ruby in Zoisite

It is the bringer of spiritual wisdom, health, knowledge and wealth.

Honour New Beginnings


Moss Agate

Moss agate is associated with the healing and survival of the plant kingdom. It opens the awareness to the ecology of our beautiful planet.

Praise the Return of the Sun



Sunstone is the crystal of changing negatives to positive, of channelling the sunshine energy of Ra.

Amplify your Gratitude


Clear Quartz

Its clarity and simplicity are the keys to its power. Purely amplify your gratitude, love, wishes and desires to the universe carrying them far and wide.

Imbolc Crystal Blessing Set


Laying out a crystal grid is a fantastic way to bless your home, set your intention and show the universe your wishes and desires for the season ahead.

Preparing an alter is a good way to set your intentions for your Imbolc festivities.

An alter can simply be a clean space within the home to place items that represent things of Symbolic meaning. It is a good idea to start this about a week or two before as there will be items that need to be prepared or made.

Here are some ideas;

A Bridget doll

Some will make these from found things like twigs and straw, which are laid on the altar for the ceremony, blessed and embued with power and then returned to the earth. Some make wool or cloth dolls which represent their respect for the Goddess Bridget. Fill these dolls with notes, crystals, pieces of material or things that have meaning for you; These dolls will adorn the altar and empower your gratitude, love, wishes and desires. 

A Bridget Cross

These can be made from twigs and wound with threads and wool. Charms can be sewn onto the cross or coloured ribbons to empower it. 


Seeds represent new growth, life, health and possibilities. Make a seed cake or bread loaf to eat at your celebration. Select some seeds to plant to go on the window ledge and nurture, reminding you each day to cherish yourself. 


Either purchase or make yourself some aromatic candles. Fragrances for Imbolc are frankincense, sandalwood, pine, orange or lime, and rosemary.

Layout a crystal grid

Laying out a crystal grid is a fantastic way to bless your home, set your intention and show the universe your wishes and desires for the year ahead.