Quartz - Clear


This is the true ‘energiser’ crystal. Its clarity and simplicity are the keys to its power. It raises the vibration of the user and opens up the channels for healing and communication.


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When cloudy, it is believed to be a doorway to the mysteries. When clear, it is the power of Mother Earth herself. With Clear Quartz Crystal on or near you – you will experience an uplift of spiritual energy that imbues you with added strength and insight. As a healing crystal it works on all the chakras: balancing, clearing and energising. Clear Quartz Crystal has long been associated with mystics and magicians. Crystals and minerals remind us of the ‘elemental’ powers. In their solidity and bulk they appear unchanging and permanent. However, the real magic in them is that it is all an illusion and really they are constantly changing and evolving.

Clear Quartz Crystal is the true alchemist. Its transformation is a slow steady pulse in tune with the beat of Mother Earth. Those sensitive enough to attune can access the libraries within them. They all have a memory, some greater than others. It is about finding the right one for you.


White Spirit Quartz

White Spirit Quartz is identified by many individual tiny points clustered over a singular point or mass. With hundreds of facets all resonating as one, a crystal harmony and energetic whole. Spirit Quartz carries the gifts of Spirit Communication, opening pathways to reach out. This crystal can support the emotional healing process after the loss of a loved one and promises regeneration and revitalisation. Spirit Quartz can be used to help release conscious and unconscious fears that may be holding you back from enjoying life. If you can listen to the resonating whispers from the White Spirit Quartz, you may be able to hear the prophets of change.