Marianna Sheldrake Crystal Collections


Marianna has been working with crystals for over 40 years and is a renowned Crystal Healer. She is the author of the original ‘The Crystal Healer’ published before crystals were new age and reaching the best sellers list. The crystal healer is now available in over 10 languages allowing Marianna to pass on her knowledge around the world.

Since her first book Marianna has travelled meeting some of the worlds most renowned scientists and spiritual gurus.

  • Prophesising and debating with the science futurist and inventor Arthur C. Clarke in Sri Lanka.
  • Initiated as a ‘rainbow warrior’ by Chief Hollis Little Creek of the Martin Clan of the Red Lakes Anishinabeg in Arizona
  • Ancestral worship  with the Shona Nation in Zimbabwe  and realised as a ‘White Nanga’ by Veresi lion eyes
  • Learning traditional Lakota spiritualism with Wallace Black Elk sacred elder of the Lakota in New Mexico.

Marianna can be found at ‘Happy Glastonbury’ where she runs a business with her two daughters.

Marianna a spiritual elder in her own right is enthused to share her insight with you.

A Note From Marianna

“I love crystals, they speak to me in a language. A language of healing, abundance, peace and change through inter-connectivity. I link the qualities and use of the crystals and minerals to the emerging consciousness of right relationship between ourselves and all kingdoms within nature. I believe in the harmonious balance in all things and within ourselves for optimum health and well being. 

With crystals we can learn to control our emotional pulse, understand our multiple energy fields and our identity in the matrix. Crystals help us to re-balance and re-imprint. They can manifest miracles. What humble and supreme teachers crystals truly are.”