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Crystals are a big passion of ours here at Happy Glastonbury. We hand pick each crystal from a very select pool of suppliers who offer the best and rarest crystals in the UK.

With relationships spanning over 30 years, we can ensure incredibly competitive prices from collections that are extremely difficult to source. Each crystal is individually cleansed before being presented in our shop and online for your enjoyment.

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Citrine Sphere 477 grams

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Gaia Stone Pendulum

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Amethyst Pocket Angels

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amethyst heart

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Clear Quartz Point 131 grams

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Green Calcite 40-70 grams

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Large Smokey Quartz Flame

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Clear Quartz Point 131 grams

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Rose Quartz Wand 113mm 7516

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absent-mindedness, abuse, acceptance, aches, addictions, adhd, adrenal glands, advancement, akashic records, alchemist, alcoholism, aligning the chakras, alignment, alter ego, alzheimer’s, angelic communication, angelic realms, angels, anger, angst , animal and plant kingdom, animal healing, anorexia, anxiety, appreciation, archangel raphael, aries, arthritis, asthma, astral travel, attachment, attunement , aura, aura cleanser, aura protecting, autism, autoimmune system, automatic handwriting.

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Awareness, bacterial growth infections, baggage, balance, balances higher and lower chakras, balances the chakras, balances the heart chakra, balancing, balancing blood cells, barriers, base chakras, base energy, belong, bereavement, birth, bladder, blockages, blood, blood cleanser, bloodstream, bone density, bone structure, brain fog, breast feeding, broken heart, bronchial disorders, bronchitis, brow chakra, buddha consciousness, bunions, burdens, calm, calming, calms, calms the over-excited, cancerous cells, cancers, carers, cellular, cellular cleansing, central nervous system, ceremony, chakras, change, changes, channelling, children, cholesterol, circle work, circulation, circulatory, clairvoyance, clarity, clarity of speech, clarity of vision , cleanses, cleansing, clearing, clearing toxins, cold and flu, colour vibration, comfort stone, commitments, communication, communication with animal spirit guides, compassion, complexion, composure, compulsive habits, concentration, confidence, configuration, conscious connections, constipation, containment, contentment, control the elements, convulsions, courage, cramps, creativity, criticism, crohn’s disease, crone, crown chakra, cry, cycles, daydreamers, death, decision-making, decisions, deep sleep, deep tissue work, defiant, defragmented families, depression, destructive patterns, determination, detoxify, developmental groups, diabetes, diet, digestion, digestive system, dignity, dimensions, diplomacy, dispels negativity, distant healing, divination, divine feminine, dominance, download, dream state, dreaming, dreams, dysfunctional relationships, earache, earth energy, earth keepers, eczema, ego, emigrating, emotional, emotional balancer, emotional body, emotional calming, emotional disharmony, emotional growth, emotional healer, emotional healing, emotional intelligence, emotional patterns, emotional release, emotional strength, emotions, emphysema, encouraging, endometriosis, endurance, energiser, energising water, energy blockages, enlightenment, epilepsy, ethereal levels, etheric, etheric body, extra-terrestrial , eyes, faerie folk, fear, fertility, fevers, fibromyalgia , fidelity, finances, fits, flatulence, flexibility, flow, flow dreaming , focus, forgiveness, friendships, frozen shoulder, frustration, function of the eyes, gall bladder, gallstones, gentle peace, glands, global transient amnesia, goddess, goitre, gonads, good fortune, good health, good luck , grandmother moon, grateful, gratitude, grief, grounding, grounding metabolism, group developments, growth, guardian angel, guidance, guide, guilt, hair growth, halls of learning, happiness, harmony, hate, hay fever, headaches, healer, healing the aura, healing the inner child, healing the plant kingdom, heart, heart chakra, herbal remedies, hex-breaker, hiatus hernia, higher realms, higher self, holistic remedies, holy grail, hope, hormones, humanity, hyperactive, hyperactivity, hypersensitive, hypertension, ideas, illusion, imagination, immune system, immunity, immunity system, impotence, impurities, independence, infertility, inhibitions, inner child, inner ear, inner guidance, inner peace, inner strength, inner wisdom, insecurities, insight, insomnia, inspiration, intelligence, intestinal problems, intestinal wind , intestines, intuition, intuitive, intuitive dreams, jealousy, joints, joy, joyful, judgement, kidneys, kindness, kundalini, labour, labyrinth, larynx, laser surgery, laugh, laziness, lethargy, leukaemia, ley lines, libra, life force, liver, logic, loss, love, lower blood pressure, lower spinal column, lucid dreaming, lungs, lymph glands, lymphatic system, magical, magician, maiden, maintaining the chakras, major arcana, major organs, malevolence, manic depression, manifestation, manifesting, master healer, mediation, medicine healing pouch, medicine pouch, meditation, memory, menstrual bleeding, menstrual stress, menstrual tension, mental activity, mental acuity, mental agility, mental blockages, mental clarity, mental energy, mental lethargy, mental stress, meridians, merlin, message, messenger, metabolic rate, metabolism, migraine headaches, migraines, mind , mindfulness, mistakes, molecular structure, moon goddess, mother, mother earth, mothering, motivational, muscles, muscular flexibility, muscular spasms, music, mysterious, mystical, natural rhythms, negative blockages, negative energy, negatives, negativity, neglect, nerves, nervous system, neuralgia, nightmares, normal or natural rhythm, north star, nurturer, nurturing, occult, ocd, old patterns, optical nerves, orbicular jasper, over-active mind, over-excitement, oxygen, pain relief, pancreas, panic-attacks, parkinson’s disease, passion, past life, past lives, past memories, past-life recall, patience, patterns, peace, pendulum, period pains, permission, personal growth, personal power, perspective, pets, phobias, physical, physical body, physical healing, physical magnetic field, pineal, pineal gland, pituitary, positive attitude, positivity, prayer, pregnancy, premenstrual stress, prioritise, prosperity, protecting, protection, protective, protector, psychic, psychic abilities, psychic ability, psychic attack, public speakers, public speaking, purification, purify the blood, radiation, rage, raises consciousness and awareness, reason, rebirthing, recharging, reconnection to source, recovery, recuperation, reflect, regeneration, regression, regret, reincarnation, relationships, releasing tensions, removal of conditioning or patterns, repression, reproductive organs, resentment, respect, rest, restores physical energy, revenge, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid nodules, ridicule, sacral chakra, sacred texts, sadness, scream, sedate, self confidence, self realisation, self-esteem, self-love, self-mastery, self-realisation, self-reliance, self-worth, sensitive, serenity, sex drive, sexual frustrations, sexuality, shamanic ceremonies, shamanic healing, shamanic path, shamanic rites, shock, sickness, skeletal structure, skin, solar plexus, soothes, soothing, sorcerer’s stone, sorrow, soul memory, soul retrieval, spasms, speech defects, spine , spirit animals, spirit communication, spirit energies, spirit guides, spiritual body, spiritual development, spiritual evolution, spiritual growth, spiritual guides, spiritual healing, spiritual realms, spiritual wisdom, spirituality, spiritually awake, spleen, stabilising, stability, stamina, static, stimulating the chakras, stomach, strength, stress, stretch marks, subconscious, support, supportive, suppression of hunger, surgery hospitalisation, sympathetic vibration, teacher, telepathy, telesomatic, temples, tendon, tension, tensions, thinking patterns, third eye, throat, throat chakra, thymus, thyroid, thyroid gland, tissue regeneration, toxins, trance-mediumship, tranquillity, transformation, transformative, transitions, transmute, trauma, traumatic emotional energy blockages, traumatic shock, travel sickness, travelling inter-dimensionally, trees, trust, truth, truthfulness, ulcerative colitis, ulcers, umbilical cord, unconditional love, understanding, universal energies, universe, upheavals, uplifting, verbalise, vertigo, visions, visualisation, visualise, vortice, warts, way finder, wealth, whimper, white noise, willpower, wisdom, wobbly auras, womb, worrying, wrinkles, yin-yang energy.