Glorious Sunstone is the go to when you really need to lift your mood. It has the wonderful ability to take you back to your default setting of childlike humour and fun. It is the crystal of changing negatives to positive, of channeling the sunshine energy of Ra.

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Sunstone held within the aura flushes the orange/red vibration through and around the aura surrounding the physical body with light. Even on a gray winters day, sunstone brings sunshine, hope and joy.

It is great anti-depressant working by motivating movement and stimulating ideas, dreams and possibilities. Sunstone stops one looking backward and struggling with what if’s and guilt. It allows one or gives permission for one to let go and many require someone or something to trigger this for them.

Sunstone works beautifully with Rainbow Moonstone, the two together bring fire and drive, success and achievement, creativity and fertility.