Ruby in Zoisite

Ruby in Zoisite is also known as Anyolite. This mineral stimulates the heart chakra and helps disorders relating to the flow of blood through the ventricles. It transmutes the energy of ‘self’ into the energy of ‘group’. It is the bringer of spiritual wisdom, health, knowledge and wealth.

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Known as a magical crystal, some believe it can be used to facilitate access to the teachings of Merlin himself. It can create altered states of consciousness, utilising and amplifying the abilities of the mind. It promotes dreaming and stimulates the connection with, and transfer of information from, our spiritual guides. In addition, it allows the amplification of one’s entire energy field.

Often used in regression work and past-life recall, Ruby in Zoisite allows us to ‘slip behind the veil’ and retrieve information from soul memory. Hold some when you’re meditating or during circle work to connect to this elusive energy flow that is usually just beyond reach. It is believed that if you carry a piece of Ruby in Zoisite in your purse you will never want for money.