Obsidian - Black (Apache Tears)

Obsidian is the mysterious volcanic glass whose intrinsic properties include truth – by the reflection of our flaws – and clarity of vision. It gives us the ability to find a clear pathway and to navigate the changes necessary to eliminate ‘dead ends’ from our path.

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For these reasons, Obsidian has built a reputation for itself as a gemstone to be careful with, as the truth can sometimes hurt. The Aztecs, and possibly the Mayas, certainly prized Obsidian highly and it has been found in many examples of their sacred jewellery and decoration.

It is a strong protective stone which clarifies the inner state of the mind, relieving confusion and centring you with Earth energy. The benefits of Obsidian can be felt almost immediately and by placing a piece on one’s bedside table or under the pillow, it seems to absorb mental stress and tensions. Because of its ability to absorb energy so quickly, it can become saturated and needs to be washed under cold, running water in the morning if it is to be effective the following night.

Also known as ‘Apache Tears’ they are often worn around the neck as pendants. These are usually distinguishable as tumbled pieces that are almost totally black. They form in a spiracle shape with conchoidal markings. People drawn naturally to Apache Tears may be surprised to find out that this is known by healers as a ‘comfort’ stone. It is often used by people who need to come to terms with grief or loss, as well as those trying to give up something.

These interesting pieces of a black type of Obsidian with or without little white dots have a great story behind them. It was believed that the Native American Apache women cried enough tears for everyone who holds a piece or pieces of Apache Tears Obsidian. Apache women like many Native American Women were used and abused during a dark period in history and so the energy of their tears was locked into the Apache Tear Obsidian so it may protect and alert others to be weary or careful of their fellow humans.

Obsidian (Apache Tears) and Children: This crystals is great to help keep your children safe and alert them to situations that may not be in their best interests.

Great for all ages of children but particularly beneficial to 11-14 year olds, girls and boys. This is a wonderful crystal to help deal with the changes that the child’s body is going through and the emotions that go with it. We may not be asking them to stalk out a great golden eagles nest and catch a tail feather but for them with there changing body and mind turmoil you may as well be. Life to a young teenager feels complicated. Daily they need to cleanse their aura and shield themselves. That young vibrant life force energy is picked up and used by many unscrupulous types they will encounter and life becomes a bit of a minefield for them. Who can they trust and who they can’t. How easily they can be manipulated or flattered into doing things they know they should not do or things that are wrong.

Apache Tears are a great crystal for helping one deal with sadness, grief and loss. Helps to clear negative emotions that can be hard for children to shake off. Clears negative thoughts and grounds that energy. Is great to use to take the power and force from the emotions so would be also be a good one to use when dealing with nightmares.

Give your child a few pieces of Apache Tears Obsidian to keep on them. They could have a small medicine bag or a few pieces for their pocket. Tumbling or holding the Obsidian is a great way to program crystals and minerals to align to your energy. Once aligned they will alert you when you need to pay attention. Simply get them to listen to their heightened intuition and act on it.