Let’s use this Magical Worm Moon to bring peace

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Let’s use this Magical Worm Moon to bring peace


Use this magnificent Worm Moon to work some Silver magic with nothing more then a piece of your favourite silver jewellery. 


During the full moon, our emotions and intuition are more conspicuous, more apparent than at any other time. With experience, we learn to tune in and listen to our inner voice. With practice, we can use the energies of each full moon to turn negatives to positives, to break a run of unfortunate luck or patterns of behaviour. To stay alert and be perceptive to the synchronicities swirling around us.


The worm moon is the last full moon of winter. It falls on March 18 2022. The numbers  18/3/2022 = 18 = 9 in sacred numerology. The number nine represents the highest single-digit number and the end of a cycle. It is the number of completion and reminds us that as nine is a number that encompasses all the qualities of the numbers before it, we too need to use all our talents and gifts learnt to become the best version of ourselves we can be.


This full moon, let’s use these powerful synchronistic energies to help humanity. Let’s do something extraordinary. Tonight on March 18, 2022, take your favourite silver ring, any silver ring will do, look up into the night sky and place the ring on your finger, twirling it around whilst repeating,


Silver ring on my finger shine

As you spin, let us align 

Our heartfelt love for a world at peace

Let conflict stop and fighting cease

May the world unite

Blessed be


For everyone who recites these words with a pure heart and intention, that message will go out into the universe. Every time you twirl that ring, whether you repeat the words or not, the same message will go out into the universe. Keep the ring on your finger until the next full moon. Think how many times each person within that month will partition the universe for world peace. Times that by the thousands of people on our mailing list, and you have a lot of energy aligning to peace.


Never feel you cannot make a difference. Love can move mountains. You have a right to be here and a reason to live the best possible version of yourself in peace. Let’s pull together.


Please share.

Big, bright, beautiful blessings, Marianna and team Happy 🙏