If You Are Attracted To Boulder Opal…

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Boulder Opal


If you are drawn to Boulder Opal, you are an Earth Mother, nurturing and full of smouldering passion and fertility. You love family life, albeit you like structure and order within it. You want things to be organised and follow a pattern. You appreciate others and take responsibility seriously.

You have deep drive and fire for things important to you. You can move mountains when you need to. You know when to run and when to stand your ground and make a formidable enemy.

You like to know how things work and are inquisitive about everything. You love to dress up for occasions, whether it’s horse riding or a fabulous party. Just don’t rush you as you work at your own pace!

You make great teachers, caregivers and doctors. Science and academia benefit from your energy. You make others feel good just by being around you.



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