Opal - Boulder

Boulder Opals are said to clear and cleanse one’s aura, wrap a protective shield around the wearer and allow the heart to become pure. Once the heart is pure, the body can receive the healing it requires. Another benefit from a pure heart is attracting or appreciating true love.

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Healing properties of Boulder Opal

Keeping Boulder Opals on your body relieves anxiety and calms the lower chakras. All Opals are used for emotional healing.  Boulder Opals can be programmed to work on the bodies weakest areas. They work particularly well on the spine, womb and colon.

Use Opals with Amber and Emerald for influenza and viral infections. When unwell, these crystals can be used in a grid to hold and send the energy to the patient.

Boulder Opals, like Black Opals, are mysterious and mystical. They are used for spiritual development and prophecy. Psychics and mediums can give a perfect reading from holding a piece of someone else’s Opal. There is potentially an issue with this though, it could give too much information away, and the reading would be too honest. However, Opals that have been worn frequently by someone before they passed would form a strong connection to their spirit. This is why Opals are passed down through generations. You stay connected to your ancestors and have a direct link to source.


Australian Boulder Opals

Our beautiful Boulder Opals are from Queensland, Australia. These stunning Opals are mined deep underground and found in large ironstone boulders, as the name suggests. Within these boulders, the opal forms in tiny cracks and fissures. These slithers of Opal running through the boulders need to be extracted with the ironstone intact. Gemstone cutters leave the ironstone on the back of the Opal for strength. Sometimes the ironstone is caught up in the matrix with the Opal and is cut purposefully so this can be seen on the surface.

Most boulder Opals have a dark body due to the colour of the ironstone, so the flash of Opal seems even more mysterious and vibrant.



Chemical makeup

The formula on the periodic table is SiO2.nH2O and is a Hydrated Silica. White Opal does not have a crystalline structure and contains a variable amount of water. The water content can be between 5-10% or more.

Boulder Opal and Black Opal generally contain less water. The formula is SiO2H2O with a water content of 5-6% or less.


Interesting Facts

Opal is the birthstone relating to October and the star signs of Libra and Scorpio.