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Goddess Sophia

The Goddess Sophia is our first Goddess and she is ‘the’ contradiction. Some believe she was the fallen one, the outcast, the lost and then found one, the miss-understood, the denied, the tainted, the rebellious one. The one restored to wholeness and lifted up, the one who received redemption.

In any version of the stories behind The Goddess Sophia you research you will find a contradiction.

Many say she is a Goddess but because she also fell she then is not considered a Goddess. She is a mix of Hellenic Paganism and early Christianity mixed up with forbidden teachings of the stars and astrology, herbal remedies, the mysteries, and Hermetic magic; based on the principles of probability that one can control or have influence over the energies of earth-air-fire-water and spirit.

She is understood as the fallen angel who is the embodiment of the Divine feminine imbued with the mind of God. It is the earthly passions of this fallen angel that bring about the creation of matter that humankind is formed from. She is blamed for the fall of humankind and was the creation of humankind. Fragments of her Divine Feminine were scattered across the earth and the heavens and she had to retrieve reinvent and redeem herself.

She fashioned herself into being, every facet honed, every gift refined, every guise retold in all the stories of Isis, Inanna, Persephone, Lilith, The Pistis Sophia and Mary Magdalene.  (The Pistis Sophia was a gnostic text written somewhere between the 3rd and 4th centuries and found in 1773 underground in Egypt. The text contains the sacred teachings of Jesus to his Apostles, his mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Martha.)

The Goddess Sophia one could say epitomises the true price one pays in the search for wisdom. And yet she persevered, she believed in herself and despite her failings she manages to hold onto the balance between the world of spirit and the material world.

She kept her sanity when pushed to the limits and although she was broken she found an inner strength strong enough to redeem herself and light the way for others to follow. Sophia is the keeper and protector of the Divine Feminine. Once One has broken through, they can show the light for others.  The Goddess Sophia was the One.

For most Sophia is the sacred personal journey of remembering. She is the very core of Shamanism and the total realisation that the Divine Feminine is a fundamental crucial aspect of creation.

There is no one crystal for any Goddess. How can one crystal honour something Divine. There is however the right crystal for you to honour the Goddess Sophia by and that would mean looking within and seeing what she truly means to you. You cannot honour The Goddess until you first honour yourself and your soul path.

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