Here is another greatly valued gemstone by Shaman and visionaries of the south west of America and perhaps one of the most prized.

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Known as the stone of ‘Love’ it is the strongest stone to wear for protection from unknown or seen entities. Sugilite carries the energy of the ‘Violet Flame’ and some believe it will help one find one’s true love. Sugilite is used for deep violet flame healing and soul rescue. The great questions of ‘Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?’ are all summarised within Sugilite. The realisation that we are allowed to question flows from this mineral.

Sugilite is often worn as a sign of respect for the unknowable, especially the dark, purple coloured variety. Sugilite would be worn as jewellery or sewn into ceremonial dresses for this reason. Native American elders and shamans have used the beautiful purple stone for healing and ceremonies for hundreds of years of their history. Sugilite is another mineral that was traded along with Lapis Lazuli, Gaspeite and Spiny Oyster with Shaman travelling across hundreds of miles around the nations to acquire these prized gems. Sugilite is used as currency and the reward value of it is very symbolic in that it is considered highly and those able to wear a piece of it have attained authority in the tribe or sisterhood.

This prized deep purple stone is the stone of the crone or wise woman and used for visioning, psychic work and spiritual guidance.Healers agree that this mineral offers relief for headaches and has the ability to absorb and transform negative energies. It opens the crown chakra enabling spiritual growth, spiritual love and spiritual wisdom to flourish. It opens the third eye and accentuates psychic powers.