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Charoite is the crystal for those free of heart. It is a mineral of magic, mystery and imagination. Great for overcoming fears and phobias – for releasing guilt and blasting out mental blockages. Very handy when working with past life issues, soulmate complications – ties and traumas. And good for the removal of subliminal, learnt or taught destructive patterning.

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Charoite can have whole conversations with you if you let it. Hold your piece of Charoite and ask a question. Imagine talking to a long lost family member who you loved dearly, or to a supreme being from the heavenly realm. Someone that you would take advice from. That’s what it can feel like simply holding this crystal and you never have to feel weird talking to it because it answers you right back.  Close your eyes holding your piece of Charoite and ask for anything. Direction, fate, destiny, purpose, change, even a new start. Then listen and it will tell you what to do.

You might not like the answer for there is a slow route and an accelerated route. The accelerated route will mean making changes now and that is what one is constantly trying to avoid. Charoite is so good because it has little patience and so it pushes and nags until you either do or you stop talking to your crystal. For those wishing to learn about communication and wanting to awaken or further their psychic abilities, this mineral has lots to offer. Often worn as jewellery, this mineral works well with turquoise which brings with it the aspect of protection.

Due to its colour and vibration Charoite is an ideal crystal of the Violet Ray. The seven colours of our visible spectrum each have a frequency and the colour Violet has the highest frequency. The Violet Flame is the seventh ray, revered as the invisible spiritual energy of the Holy Spirit. The Violet Ray is only visible to those who have progressed along their chosen path to a point where they have the vision and capacity to mentally understand the significance and value of it. The next point of conversion is into the octave of the vibration of light.

Healers use this mineral to clear the aura before a healing takes place. It is a wonderful stone for allowing transformation. Gentler then Moldavite, it aids the passage through change and helps shed the patterns of conditioning.

Most of the available Charoite comes from Russia and is the tiny druse on a host mineral with a colour range from purple to purple/pink.



Charoite in Tinkasite


The name Tinaksite is derived from its composition: titanium (Ti), sodium (Na) potassium (K) and silicon (Si).

Tinaksite works well with Charoite as it helps to defragment the mind from mental stress and chatter. Calms the noise of the inner voice. The doubts and fears that are tumbled around and haunt every waking moment. It’s a bringer of peace and serenity. Of visions, dreams and shadow-walking. For travelling to the Hall of Learning and bringing back wisdom and for astral travel.