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Goddess Bridget

Brigid – Celtic Goddess of the Temple, hearth and forest who’s cross is in the shape of a solar wheel. Brigid represents the great nurturing Mother, the Earth Mother in the aspect of the promise of light after dark, life after death.  A Sun Goddess adored as the perpetual flame. The flame that burned in the heart of Kildare in a pre-Christian era long ago. Legend has is that this very flame was kept alight and tended by Brigid’s nuns right up until the sixteenth century. 

Brigid is associated with the first stirrings of spring when snowdrops poke their tiny heads through the earth and we first notice the days lengthen. Brigid’s bare feet walk the earth again and spring is on its way. Beneath her feet the land turns into a carpet of green.

Brigid stands for creativity, healing and passion. For rejoicing, singing, dancing and life. She promises renewal. Brigid’s flame. The fire in the hearth burns for light and warmth. It is the centre of the kitchen and the magic and art in the science of cooking. The hearth is where families gather, where stories are told, remembered and passed on. It is where dreams are shared and adventures planned. Its where parties are held, dancing, drumming and divination in the casting of the lead’ or within the flames of the fire.

Brigid is the accessible Goddess. She has meaning for everyone. She is a pre-Christian, pagan Deity of Ireland. Shamanic, earthy the embodiment of female sage, wise woman and  witch. She is our Divine feminine collective memory and ancestral oral traditions.

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