Rubies are believed to attract wealth. They say keep a piece in your purse and your purse will never be empty. Known as the ‘stone of nobility’, Rubies have adorned royal crowns and sepulchres for centuries. They are found the world over to represent opulence and good fortune.

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Magically they are used in spell craft for these very reasons, attracting good fortune and wealth. Confidence to make good business decisions and prosper. Rubies give one plenty of reasons to be grateful.

Rubies are widely believed to gather and amplify energies whilst promoting and stimulating mental concentration. It can improve your success in controversies or disputes while discouraging violence. An excellent ‘shielding’ stone, Ruby protects on all levels and safeguards the subconscious from psychic attack. The energy brings an awareness that we can avoid experiencing anguish and distress if we are prepared to make changes. Becoming aware of this helps our spiritual progression and leads us to eliminate negatives from our path.

Ruby works on the lymph glands, decreasing the time it takes for toxins to work through the body. Often found in jewellery and worn on the brow in Eastern countries – this, we now realise, stimulates the pineal gland which is a vital centre for all round good health. It also improves mental agility. It is said that the Ruby will lighten the darkness of one’s life.