Known as the ‘Stone that brings success in love, ’ Emeralds bring emotional and rational balance to relationships. Emeralds are significant go-to crystals for healing and balancing many of the chakras, particularly the heart chakra. Emeralds are given as symbols of love, truth, and heartfelt honesty.

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Emeralds make perfect engagement rings. Energetically they are the crystals for balance and harmony in relationships where unconditional love is paramount. Emeralds fit ‘every occasion’ as pieces of jewellery or crystals. They make sensational engagement, eternity and cocktail rings, beautiful pendants, bracelets and tiaras.  Ancient scripts talk of Emeralds used in the breast-plates of the High Priests of the temples. In archaeology, Egyptian Emeralds were mined from an area approaching the red sea, perhaps as early as 500 bc. Few have been found in jewellery or amulets discovered in Egyptian tombs. It is believed that most emeralds used in ancient Egypt were crushed and powdered into healing preparations, not only for medication to be ingested but also used applied directly to the skin.

Healing qualities attributed to Emerald

Tumbled Emeralds gently stroked across the forehead or placed resting over the eyelids help soothe the eyes and relieve sinus pressure.

Tumbled Emeralds with Baltic Amber together are used in the recovery from influenza and other infectious viruses.

When you are going through a period of colds, flu and influenza, I recommend you take your piece of tumbled Emerald and, using surgical tape, position it above your heart. This will stimulate the healing process. Then take your piece of Baltic Amber and again, using surgical tape, position it just below the throat chakra. This will aid a clearing process bringing in the light. After a few days, as you begin to heal, I recommend repositioning the Baltic Amber to a position below the heart chakra. These two together can help balance the vibrational energy of the heart whilst you continue to heal.

There have been some great healing results using these two stones together. Healing crystals set in jewellery pieces can be used; The results are better, however, if the gemstones touch the skin. When you bathe or shower, also wash your crystals to clear any negative energy they have absorbed.

Emeralds stimulate the memory (great for past life work), breathing difficulties and clearing mental fog.

Emeralds are an obvious choice for activating the heart chakra. Try using them with Moldavite and Prehnite. Many healers use Emeralds to help their patients gain control over their emotions, become more relational and expand their logic and reason.

Emeralds help one focus, remain positive when things are not quite going to plan and stay centred.

Emeralds would be excellent for use in Theta healing for breathwork and can quickly induce a meditative state. Once in this meditative state, it is possible, for example, to suggest the energy of the Emerald is directed towards the entire muscular system working on stimulating the muscle fibres. Healing can be directed towards the root cause of many illnesses like fibromyalgia or the circulatory system. Muscle atrophy can occur if the body has had long periods of inactivity, and the road to recovery can be extended. Working with Emeralds bring back the vibrational energy of motivation, focus, drive and will to want to get better and heal.


Emeralds belong to the family of Beryl which include, Ruby, Aquamarine, Morganite, Heliodor, Goshenite and Golden Beryl. Emeralds crystalise in the structure of prismatic crystals. Emeralds are formed in contact with metamorphic rocks. The magma, hot lava, flows into sedimentary rock such as limestone or black shale in narrow rivulets. Emeralds are generally formed in cavities within lava deposits.

Chemical makeup

The formula on the periodic table is Be3Al2(SiO3)6). The colour is predominately emerald green due to trace elements of chromium. Sometimes vanadium is also present, making the Emeralds more yellow/green in colour. The hardness on the Mohs scale is 7.5 to 8, and so the structure of the majority of natural Emeralds are not tough.


Today the largest deposits of Emeralds are found in Columbia, South America. These can be the darkest, most luxurious crystals. Some Emeralds available on the market today also come from Zambia and Brazil.

Interesting facts

The Persian word Emerald means ‘green gem’.

Emerald is the birthstone relating to May and the starsign of Taurus.