Moonstone - Rainbow

The full rainbow spectrum flashed across the surface of Rainbow Moonstone instantly draws attention to the fact that it contains the magical powers of the Moon Goddess.

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It will not surprise you to know that rock brought back from the space flight of Apollo 11 that landed on the Moon on July 20th 1969 was actually a piece of Rainbow Moonstone.

Rainbow Moonstone has the strong energy of divine feminine about it and pieces that display a vivid blue sheen are often used for connection to the spiritual world. These are treasured to enhance psychic gifts and the opening of the third eye; for connection to the Moon Goddess, spell casting and divination.

Rainbow Moonstone is white Labradorite technically and represents the light. Wear it to attract light into your life. Rainbow Moonstone is gentle and works to attain ones highest good. It helps one to be honest with oneself and not to harbour negative thoughts or emotions. It teaches the power of forgiveness, of emptying or deleting from ones memory passed hurts, pains and sorrows. And it promises new beginnings.

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