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Crystals for The Shaman

Crystals have been used for many thousands of years for shamanic practises, for healing and for trade as currency. The solitary Shaman has used crystals as part of their tool kit along with, divination stones, tarot, meditation and herbs to learn the steps to becoming.

Shaman relate their experiences against what it means to them and not to other. The lesson is to know thyself first. They know everything in their world begins and ends with them and it therefore is their responsibility to understand themselves very well.

They are the magician, the Priestess, the God/Goddess of their world and they take the energy of their inner world to create their outer world.

Shaman use visions into their inner world to pull out the knowledge they require for them and those they are spiritually working for.

The relationship is between them and their Gods, no one is their mentor. A shaman does it for themselves. Their union between the earth and the minerals, plants and animals on it and the canopy of their Gods and the spirit world.

Adornments of crystals and minerals aid their workings and strengthens their inner dialogue. They pay respect to the universal energies through the use of them and with them communicate to the vast matrix.

This week we have carefully selected five crystals to aid Shamanic practices and those interested in following the Shamanic path.

Turquoise – Known as ‘The Profound Master Healer’. Spiritual protection. Guards against environmental pollutants.

Shamanic Dream Stone – Used for dream work and when travelling the spiritual dimensions. A manifestation tool.

Horn Coral – A luck charm, believed to attract good fortune. Worn as a sign of respect to the Goddess.

Gaspeite – Strengthens the emotional body. Aids in forgiveness and alleviates wallowing in self-pity.

Sugilite – Known as the stone of love. Carries the energy of the Violet Flame and said to help you in finding true love.