Gaspeite is an incredible apple green coloured extremely rare nickel carbonate mineral belonging to the Calcite family. It gets its name from the location it was first discovered in The Gaspe Peninsular, Quebec, Canada in 1966.  Although in more recent years small deposits have been located in Western Australia even these now are drying up.

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Gaspeite is another mineral that came to our attention from the Shamanic practises from the south west Native American Nations. Used for delicate channeled inlay in beautiful Zuni jewellery, as treasure beads and carvings from the Navajo and other nations from the pueblos of New Mexico. It was getting hold of and seeing the gorgeous fetish carvings inlaid or carved from Gaspeite that really spiked our interest in Gaspeite a few years ago. The energy was incredible with its earthy dreamy quality that immediately tugged at our sacral and heart chakra. It has taken a few years to collate any genuine information about this mineral at all. But this is what we have found.

Gaspeite is treasured for its unusual soft colour and energy. It aids forgiveness and stops one wallowing in self pity. It strengthens the emotional body allowing the tears to dry and self love to begin to envelope the physical body. It works as a shielding cloak to protect delicate emotions or triggers within the emotional body like grief or heartbreak. This helps by one to heal through time and to stop these very strong emotions causing physical harm.

Working with Gaspeite helps the body to communicate its needs to the higher self. It draws attention to and helps one release negative habits. It facilitates the healing of the inner child. It anchors the spiritual body firmly into the physical body during the earth walk. This is a very important lesson that enables one to be the very best they can be whilst in the physical realms. It promotes living in the moment and acceptance of all that is. Gaspeite has also been used in ceremony for vision walking and for partitioning the gods.