Knows as the ‘profound master healer’, Turquoise is widely believed to help in the absorption of all nutrients, strengthening the entire anatomy. It aids tissue regeneration and is a powerful protector against all environmental pollutants.

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This crystal relates, in particular, to the throat chakra. It enhances creative expression, peace of mind and emotional balance. It promotes communication with both the physical and spiritual worlds and strengthens friendship and loyalty.

Amongst healers, it is widely accepted that Turquoise has exceptional powers of psychic protection and, therefore, should never be handled by anyone but the owner – no matter how close they may be!

Many Native American tribes celebrate Turquoise as the ‘reflection’ of Father Sky and wear elaborate pieces of jewellery inlaid with the pale blue stone to protect them during the night time when the sky is dark or at times when, during sacred ceremonies, their spirit roams free as their body rests and waits for them inside the ‘Kiva’ or ‘sweat lodge’.

Turquoise has been used for shamanic healing for many Native American tribes. It is another mineral used as currency and swooped for treasure beads. The Turquoise that is prized the most is ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Turquoise from the ‘Sleeping Beauty Mine’ in Arizona. The powder blue purity of this Turquoise is breath-taking.