Shamanic Dream Quartz

Shamanic Dream Stone is included Quartz with various mineral inclusions generally taken from the host rock formation. Each Shamanic Dream Stone is different in appearance, with the colour range including yellows, browns, reds, greens and pinks.

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A good Dream Stone will have one area of the crystal sides left unpolished as this will enhances the lens of the crystal. When looking through the lens at the inclusions one can see deeply or enter dream state easily with practice. Slowly, staring into the crystal becomes mesmerising and with practice and confidence one can allow one’s vision to ‘slip’ revealing, to the sub-conscious mind, areas or issues in one’s life where attention may need to be focused. This is a form of scrying.

Healers and magical practitioners will use this for dream working and travelling the spiritual dimensions. It aids in looking for answers, guidance or healing, for themselves and others.

Some beautiful and powerful Shamanic Dream stones come from North America with bright yellow and tan colour variations. These are used by Native American shamans and occasionally are made into pendants on the reservations. Shamanic Dream Stones are used as a manifestation tool, a powerful crystal for meditation and for finding your animal totem/power animal.

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