Staying In Love – Keeping The Flames Alive

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Staying in Love – Keeping The Flames Alive

Falling in love is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. When that special someone enters your universe, we turn giddy, excitement reigns and we really feel alive.

But, as we also know, this heady early part to falling in love doesn’t often stay with us in the same way. As love grows and develops, excitement becomes contentment and giddy becomes comfortable.

Not necessarily a bad thing! However, it’s not uncommon for couples to fall into a trap where they stop seeing each other. And I mean really seeing.

In the early days, we can’t get enough of our partners. How do we keep this feeling alive?

Put simply, it’s not easy. It involves conscious effort and choice. Relationship experts the world over will tell you that everyday, you must wake up and choose your partner. Every. Day.

Fun and excitement needn’t be a thing of times gone by. If you are in a relationship, make a commitment to keep your love alive and the flames of passion burning.

Here are our top tips!

Surprise! – The element of surprise needn’t be in the grand gestures. And it certainly shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. Some hand picked flowers, a love note left in a handbag or cooking the dinner when it’s not your night to – all these little surprises let your lover know that you are thinking of them.

Verbalise Feelings – Remember those times when you could stay up all night talking with your partner? Probably not so much nowadays but communication is vital. Be open with your feelings and avoid bottling things up. The more you commit to discussing your feelings the easier it becomes.

Try Something New! – New experiences create a shift energetically. Even if it’s choosing a different restaurant to eat at, make the commitment to experience new things with each other.

Establish Goals Together – Having a united goal will bring you together. Couples that stay together are often confident in visualising the future together. What do you both want? How can you get there together? Have fun discussing and deciding!

Greet One Another With Excitement – The way that you greet each other after being apart really sets the tone for what follows. Showing your partner you are happy to see them and giving them a big kiss and cuddle will deliver different results than if you just grunt a greeting at them!

Make Date Nights – Dating was easier before kids, responsibilities and overtime right? Sure it was. But that’s no excuse for avoiding making time together. It might not be as spontaneous as it use to be, but you can still do it. Make a pact to go on proper dates and enjoy them!

No Phone Policy – Particularly on date nights! But also, become aware of your phone usage. If you are sat of an evening with your partner and they are on their phone constantly, this lives little room for any meaningful connection. Decide what works best for you as a couple and stick to it. Your phone shouldn’t become an intrusion in your relationship!

Appreciate The Past, But Don’t Idealise It – We can all look back on ‘the good old days’ and complain how things have changed. But things do change, it’s a fact of life. Change in and of itself isn’t bad. Don’t look back on the early days of your relationship with rose tinted glasses. What you miss about then, you will surely have gained in different ways now.

Ask Meaningful Questions – It’s always nice to be asked how our day was but in relationship, it’s important that we make the time to also ask meaningful questions. Asking and being asked questions that cut below the surface level mundane show that we are interested and keen to know more about someone. Life, love and the universe! Ask about your lovers hopes and dreams for example. It may surprise you!

Show Gratitude – It’s very easy to take things for granted in a long term relationships. Remembering to say thank you, even for the little things that your lover making you a coffee is important. It shows you appreciate them.

Falling in love is one thing, but staying in love is a choice. One that we need to make daily.

Crystals For Couples

The following crystals are perfect for couples:

Rutilated Quartz – For stimulating life force energy; pleasure sensations; Intensifying emotions and perceptions; aiding in subtle communication.

Dendritic Opal (Merlinite) – Perfect for long term couples; teaches patience and acceptance; maintains strong bonds; promotes truth and honesty.

Ametrine – Stimulates emotional sex drive; balances male and female energy; stimulates confidence; promotes empathy and understanding.

Toumalinated Quartz – Releases inhibitions; rekindles the spark; breaks down negativity and feelings of guilt; stimulates low sex drive.

Mystic Topaz – ‘Femme Fatale’ energy; playful and full of fun; said to carry both Leo and Scorpio energy; encourages role play.