Quartz - Rutilated

Rutilated Quartz is a wonderful crystal for couples and that’s to do with the Angel Hair within the quartz or as some refer to it (Venus Hair). These golden strands within the quartz add to the existing energising quality of quartz to stimulate powerful life force energy. The blast of energy escaping the crystal once it has been activated can be felt not only on the physical body but also on all the subtle bodies causing a tingling sensation of pleasure. To activate the crystal all you have to do is stroke it, hold it and love its vibe.

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Rutilated Quartz communicates to the universe, it relaxes the DNA strands and it pushes the Kundalini energy. Rutilated Quartz intensifies one’s emotions and perceptions. It gives confidence and motivation simply by wearing it. It aids the giving and receiving of delicate signals between people, even if they are apart and one is thinking of the other

Rutilated Quartz can be a powerful aid when working on psychic development. The rutile in the quartz can come in various colours, the main ones we would work with for spiritual and psychic development would be golden and red. The colour depends on the minerals copper content etc;

Rutilated Quartz sold for this purpose generally needs to be fairly clear, transparent almost with the rutile running through. Some strands of rutile run in one direction while others can be criss-crossed. Some strands can be thick and chunky looking while other can be fine. Golden rutile is sometimes referred to as Angel Hair Quartz.

Quartz is a natural energiser. Bringing quartz into the aura naturally energises the body. Quartz once squeezed stimulates the crystals natural ability to emit piezoelectricity. This piezoelectricity talks to our DNA strands and infuses the body and especially our energy centres, the chakras, to make ready for action. The chakras become receptive to divine sustenance drawn in by white light flooding through the crown chakra. This process energises the aura and tiny electrical flashes, or pulses are noticed in the angelic realms. The rutile within the quartz adds another dimension. Rutile running through the quartz and stimulated by the piezoelectricity send out strong clear signals to the etheric realms and beyond.

Rutile Quartz eases the transitions in our life and helps us to visualise the next step along the path. It is used to attract the attention of one’s guides and angels, transmitting communication that one is seeking and ready to commence work.

Use a piece of Rutilated Quartz to call upon your guides and angels when you are ready to work with them or need help by holding the piece in your hands, breathe onto the quartz with your warm breath and begin to squeeze the quartz. Feel the heat increase within the quartz and as the energy mounts as you continue to squeeze the quartz notice a change in the quartz that can be detected by a tingling in the hands.
The same can be done for those who wish to wear a piece of Rutilated Quartz as jewellery. Using a piece of this quartz in jewellery is one of the first types of angel callers. It is a beautiful way to know that you can hold your jewellery item in your hands at any time and summons help from the universe.

When healing with Rutilated Quartz, you should stroke it through the aura, slightly above the body, in a sweeping motion away from the body. Then shake the crystal well to remove any adverse energy. This motion should be like combing the entire energy field around the body. From the heart chakra down, stroke outwards towards the ground. From the heart chakra up, stroke outwards and upward towards the sky. Once the aura is open you can begin to work on the areas you have identified as in the most need of healing.

Using Rutilated Quartz with Crystal points in configuration work around the body can achieve wonderful clearing of blockages and the breaking down of harmful patterns. Rutilated Quartz, like Tourmaline in Quartz, is a powerful healer that can work on almost any ailment or issue that is causing concern. These master crystals work on anything from endometriosis to problems with the liver, kidneys or practically any major organ of the body. After the healing, put the crystal down and, with your hands outstretched, run them like a big wave around the body from the ground upward. This just finishes the healing by smoothing the energies around the person receiving the healing. They may feel this in the form of a shiver, and it can leave them feeling a little emotional. Alternatively, to close the aura after healing with such a powerful crystal, one could rub the palms of the hands together in circles causing friction. Then work around the aura keeping the palms working on the energy as you go and trace the outline of the aura. Work towards a crescendo as you finish and push your arms up towards the sky. This is a good way of placing a barrier around the person you have been working on for protection as you would not want to leave their aura wide open.