Quartz - Tourmalinated

This crystal will help take away inhibitions, it’s the little dominatrix in the Crystal energy world. If you want to rekindle that spark in a relationship Torminalated Quartz is the one for you.

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First like the Rutilated Quartz it fizzes, it sparkles and fills one full of the energy created by positive emotions. Secondly it protects, it protects your physical body and all your subtle bodies so inhibitions fly through the window. You feel invincible. Most people can actually feel the energy that this crystal gives off. Run it over the body and you will feel a shiver, a trail of energy snake across your body. Stroke it away from the heart to relieve pain.

Couples benefit from wearing and using this crystal as it breaks up energy carried in the aura. Worn regularly it clears blockages and baggage held in the aura in pockets that weigh one down. Tourminalated Quartz has been used to save couples when one has guilt or stress that is destroying the relationship. It will brake up negativity that is effecting the relationship and bring about a clear positive charge,

Tourminalated Quartz is great to use to stimulate a low sex drive. It energises and frees the mind, body and soul. It makes one feel younger and more alive.

The energy charge of Tourmalinated Quartz is incredible and works through the tightest of auras to enable what may only start out as a tiny opening, to gradually become a channel through which a reconnection with source will allow energy to flow. It aids the elimination of destructive patterns that have built up through sometimes through many lifetimes.

Try using a piece of Tourminalated Quartz in the bedroom as a gentle massage tool. Take it in turns to stroke it across your partners body. To begin with start at the heart and stroke it away from the heart and down the arms. Do this three or four times on each arm. Then go from the heart and take it up the neck and above the head. Work on both sides of the neck to head but be gentle, lastly go from the heart down to the waist, down the legs to the feet. Run the quartz under the feet and start again. Do not go back up, start again from the heart. Do this on both sides for about three or four times. Your partner will feel and anticipate the feeling of the crystal around their body.

Take your time and when ready stop over. You can use a tumbled piece of Tourminalated Quartz or a free form piece as they are smooth. Some wear a piece as jewellery and use the pendant as the massage crystal so as to charge the piece with high sexual energy.

Using Tourmalinated Quartz in Healing: Tourmalinated Quartz is, without question, one of the most powerful of the healing tools used by healers around the world. It assists one by showing one the negative and destructive patterns that exist within our own nature and not only helps us face them, but also helps us deal with them. This beautiful crystal relates to each of the chakras, clearing, maintaining and stimulating them. It encourages self-confidence, self-worth and provides for the protection of the healer as well as the patient. It balances all the meridians of the physical body.

When working with a crystal or wand made of Tourmalinated Quartz for the use of healing a specific area, like a frozen shoulder for example, I find the healing energies are amplified as they are channelled through the crystal or wand and into the body. Work about six inches or 15cms away from the body holding your other hand on the other side of the shoulder. Now stroke the crystal or wand through the aura around the shoulder in movements toward the heart. Use straight line strokes up the arm, over the shoulder and down towards the heart. After several times of this repeated movement stop and wash the crystal. The person you are working on may have felt a tingling or sensation of heat in the shoulder. Next, start at the centre of the spine in mid-back area and stroke the crystal or wand outward and upwards towards the shoulder and over and down the arm.

When you reach the hand and fingers take the wand away from the body and shake slightly. Repeat this movement several times more. The wand should not touch the body and must be cleansed after use. Two or three sessions are usually enough to notice a remarkable difference.