Opal - Dendritic (Merlinite)

Merlinite, also known as Dendritic Opal is a form of common Opal and the white of it has a milky opalescence about it. This is not to be confused with Dendritic Agate which to some can look similar only is denser and has a look about it of Tree Agate.

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Dendritic Opal is beautiful. It has an inner glow. It is black and white. It is opposites attract. Male and female. Quite simply stunning.

Dendritic Opal is perfect for long term relationships. It has got what it takes, staying power. It teaches patience and acceptance. When wearing or meditating with it one feels calm and at one with the universe. It brings hope and balance to one’s life.

This amazing mineral maintains strong bonds in relationships of all kinds so is a very useful one to have around. It also helps one to realise that their chosen partner in some very powerful ways makes them ‘More’ and, if it doesn’t then one must ask oneself are they indeed in the right relationship.

Dendritic Opal brings the emotions in alignment with the analytical mind creating truth and honesty between couples. It is a mineral of balance, harmony and union.

Dendritic Opal forms in a combination of Psilomelane and Quartz usually in colours of black and white. This is probably where it got this random name from, as it has the appearance of dark and light or yin and yang going on. It is said to possess the ability to awake the magician by opening one’s psychic channels. It can aid the learning of esoteric knowledge and balance one’s spiritual and physical progression. It is used to help one gain confidence with self-development and self-belief.

It attunes one’s energy to the thinking and manifesting of greater things for oneself, like higher aspirations, goals and objectives, that otherwise would have felt unobtainable. The third eye and base chakras are stimulated by this mineral.