Ametrine carries the attributes of both the parent crystals, Amethyst (female) and Citrine considered male. This crystal occurs when a seam of Amethyst overlaps a seam of Citrine. At some point in the history of the crystal the earth had heated up and the colourations magically happened. You can see this in many quartzes.

Healers believe that the Earth mysteries have entwined the male energy of Citrine and the female energy of Amethyst to form the beauty of Ametrine. So, it makes a great couples Crystal. It stimulates the solar plexus earthy emotional power of the sex drive, hormones and intention to the third eye chakra of the sixth sense, the intuition the ability to read between the lines and interpret the secret messages between the two.

Ametrine holds the power and balance of male and female energy and so balances one’s own energy against that. For those lacking in confidence it will stimulate courage and for those who are over confident brash and overbearing it imbrue in them a dose of empathy and understanding.

Ametrine helps couples talk to each other. It is not a sticking plaster but has a more ‘let’s thrash things out’ kind of solution to a problem approach. If both parties carry Ametrine with them, it can help heal old wounds and get them communicating properly again.

Ametrine holds couples together who want to be held together. It gives them the tools to become the best they can be and allows them each to make each other more.

It is believed to strengthen the immune system, regenerating and recharging the physical body. It is believed to be an exceptional blood cleanser and energiser, ridding the bloodstream of unwanted toxins. It clears the head from stress and tension allowing great focus for meditation. It is an ‘opener’ of the ‘third eye’ - inspiring healing and divination.

Latest news from healers concludes that Ametrine used in the treatment of a ‘hiatus hernia’ is giving extremely positive results. Use Ametrine on the dark side of the moon for slowly getting rid of things – cancers, growths, warts etc; and from new moon to full moon use to speed things up – to regenerate and grow.