With Valentine’s day rapidly approaching, we decided to dedicate this week to Crystals for Love Magic.

We have selected a crystal each day and paired it with a simple spell that you can conduct to bring more love into your life.

Spells are rituals and rituals are powerful triggers to the universe. When you cast a spell you are setting an intention, focussing your energy and declaring that you are invested in that which you desire.

Although spell casting isn’t absolutely necessary (focussed intentions in themselves can manifest our wishes), a spell will provide an energetic focal point for you, a way of helping you align your energy with that which you want to create in your life.

It is important to remember that spells directed at a specific person should be avoided. Your focus should be on love itself, not an individual.

A spell to manipulate the will of another for example will never heed positive results. In fact, by the very energetic nature of it, magic of this kind will return to you, usually even stronger than that you sent out.

With this in mind, all our spells this week are focussed on things that you can do to love yourself, for it is in doing so that you can become aligned with receiving love from another.

Creating the right environment

When conducting your spells, creating the right environment and preparations can be as important as the spell themselves.

Ensure that you have the time to do your spell and that you will not be interrupted. Choose a place where you feel comfortable (inside or outside).

Make sure you turn off your mobile phone and anything else that could cause a distraction. If you would like some mellow music playing, perhaps do this as you prepare your space.

It’s a good idea to take a bath or shower ahead of doing your spell. Starting fresh and clean will help to wash away any negative energies. Choose lose, comfortable clothing.

Ensure you have your spell and any enhancements (candles, crystals etc) with you in the space that you are conducting your spell. It’s not ideal to have to leave your space when you begin your work.

Casting A Formation

Whilst many formations can be used, a circle is always the most important. The circle represents wholeness, universal life force, balance and emotions.

Sit in the middle of your circle.

Before you begin, apply ‘white light’ protection by visualising white light around you. It should encompass your whole being and the area in which you are conducting your spell. This helps to shield against negative energy. Visualise the white light coming from above, flowing down and eventually encompassing you and your space.

Stand in the direction you will be casting your spell and in a clockwise manner, mark out your circle with salt or stones. If you do not want to use these, you can simply use an extended finger to draw a circle around you.

Once completed, recite the following: This circle cast with all knowing eyes, bring forth the power, may the energy rise.

You are now ready to begin your spell.

Closing a Formation

When your spell is finished, you must release the energy of your formation.

To do this, stand in the centre with your arms raised above your head. Keep your arms extended and bring slowly back down to your sides. As you do, visualise the energy of your circle returning to the earth. Say ‘The energy is now released’.

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