A Spell For Attracting Fun & Pleasure

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A Spell for Attracting Fun and Pleasure

We all need to experience pleasure in our lives. Being open to and allowing ourselves to relax, have fun and enjoy ourselves is magnetic to others. If you want to attract more love into your life, beginning from a place where you are happy and enjoying yourself on your own will mean that other people will be attracted to that energy. Here is a spell for unlocking your ability to kick back and have fun.

You will need:

A yellow candle

A piece of Carnelian (For positive, creative energy)

A key (A new key is best. It doesn’t need to serve a particular purpose as it is symbolic)

Create your space and cast your formation

Hold the piece of Carnelian in your hand and recite the following affirmation:

My life is filled with infinite opportunities for fun and pleasure. I am open and ready to fully embrace these opportunities and enjoy myself. I welcome new and exciting experiences into my world that will in turn, bring new people that will enrich my path.

Performing the Spell

Use the key to carve the word pleasure into your candle.

Now put the key into your purse/wallet.

Light the candle.

Think back on experiences where you have been embracing life and having fun.

As you remember these experiences, allow yourself to fully feel all the happy emotions you were feeling at that time.

Now visualise yourself having more and more of those experiences and your life becoming rich with fun and pleasure.

Now recite the following incantation:

I choose pleasure in all I do

I choose fun and experiences new

Happiness flows from me with ease

Each opportunity I will seize

End with ‘And so it is’ or ‘Blessed be’

Now extinguish the candle.

Close your formation.

Keep the key in your wallet as a reminder of your ability to unlock your potential to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Your spell is now complete.