Rhodonite is known as the ‘rescue stone’ as it is grounding, strong and independent. It is the stone of the true survivor. Rhodonite is the stone that restores the physical energy depleted by trauma or shock. It works on the heart and solar plexus chakras, steadying and calming by grounding ‘static’ electricity. It helps our reserve and maintains our self-esteem when under pressure. It has been used to strengthen the inner ear and generally improve hearing. It is often used in the treatment of emphysema along with Labradorite.

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This stone does not always do well with other minerals and has even been known to physically move away from them. The energy of Rhodonite seems to abhor manufactured electricity and if placed on top or close by a computer or TV it has been known to jump away from it.

Rhodonite & Teenagers

Rhodonite is a great mineral for digging deep. It is a rescue mineral and this is the go to one for when ‘all else is failing’. Teenagers will find a huge benefit from using Rhodonite during exams, auditions, test and anytime they need confidence and a quiet mind to concentrate.

These important developmental years take a toll on every teenager. Their world is changing so fast. Their relationships are changing within the family and among friends and hormones are racing. Rhodonite helps to rationalise everything and has rescued many from making stupid heat of the moment mistakes.