A Love Spell For Growing Self-Acceptance

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A Love Spell for Growing Self-Acceptance

In a world where we are often faced with messages and experiences that imply we are not good enough, it’s hardly surprising that self-acceptance can be a big barrier to attracting love. If we do not accept ourselves, how can we believe in our hearts that someone else will? This spell will help you grow and nurture self-acceptance.

You will need:

A pink and a white candle

A piece off Rose Quartz (for self-acceptance and self-love

Three small seeds

A pen

An envelope

Create your space and cast your formation

Hold the piece of Rose Quartz in your hand and recite the following affirmation:

Today I choose to shift my thinking from doubt, blame and shame to allowance, acceptance and trust. I understand that experiences throughout my life have lead me to question if I am good enough. I am good enough, exactly as I am. I allow myself to be proud of who I am and to move to a space of self-acceptance.  And so it is.

Performing the Spell

Light both candles.

Relax and take some deep breaths.

Take the pen and envelope and write ‘I love and accept myself’ on the envelope.

Place the three seeds inside the envelope and seal it.

Now recite the following incantation:

I allow acceptance now to grow,

I am good enough this much I know.

Each day I honour my spirit within

My mind, my heart and the body I’m in.

End with ‘And so it is’ or ‘Blessed be’

Keep hold of the envelope and visualise self-love and acceptance of growing from the seeds and enveloping you

Now extinguish the candles.

Close your formation.

Keep the envelope somewhere safe.

Your spell is now complete.