Creative Crystal Journalling


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Creative Crystal Journalling

Creative Crystal Journaling is allowing yourself to freely express your thinking regarding a certain crystal onto paper. It’s about collating your feelings and communicating them in any way that makes sense to you. 

Your experience with a crystal most likely will be different to another’s. Because you are a unique individual with a unique story your energy will hold a different vibration. Although we as crystal healers may state that our finding with one crystal might provide evidence it aids one particular type of condition, you may have a different experience with it. 

Furthermore, there are many different crystal healers in many parts of the world – there will be a lot of variation. There have been many crystal healers through generations. So much information has been  gathered and thought about, shared, passed on and even  forgotten. 

When you are studying a crystal you will find that what is written about it generally follows a tread of information.  Each crystal will carry a type of energy that is useful on specific  areas of the physical body, subtle bodies* or spiritual connections etc; Connecting to your spirit guides, angels, past life and so on. You may also have your own experience with that crystal that adds to this body of collated information. 

By starting your own  Creative Crystal Journal you will be cataloging your feelings, your findings and your own valid personal experiences with that crystal. 

Once you start to put all that information together it will surprise you how passionate you will feel about expressing it. Snippets of scribbled notes you have made. Photos you have taken. Oracle or tarot cards you have drawn. Colours you feel you need to find to portray a vibration. Charms you might find. Fragrance or essential oils dabbed or  sprayed onto absorbent paper. Doddles in platonic shapes. Dreams you recount. The list will astonish you…..

Starting a Creative Crystal Journal is a way for you to quantify your understanding of the quantum physics regarding crystals. In your own way you will be adding to the existing body of knowledge of crystal relationships. You will find that as you express your relationship to a crystal you will tap in to all the data ever recorded by anyone in the flow of energy that runs through our universe and beyond. 

Think of it like flow-dreaming only flow-journaling.

You are not meditating or consciously seeking information, nor under hypnosis or being instructed. You are simply freeing up your mind and enjoying expressing your experience with a crystal. Expressing your attraction, your love and your gratitude for that crystal coming into your life. 

This will be your own personal crystal Flow-journal, but you can appreciate  how every crystal healer that has gone before you had their own Flow.   All this information is constantly mingling and interacting.  We now believe in a quantum theory that states by actually thinking about something you can affect change. For example; you can think about a crystal and simply by doing so open your mind to everything ever spoken, written and documented about it. You don’t need therapies, drugs or even shamanic practises to do this just an open mind and a – desire – thirst – passion – excitement – love – gratitude – kind of FEELING. And in thinking about and journaling your thoughts you are adding to this collective. 

It’s so interesting once you begin Creative Crystal Journaling. Don’t  worry about making a mistake, just add a scrap of paper or dab of paint if you don’t like something you have done. Get your feelings down. Write about your experiences. You never know it may surprise you how good you are and how much you know!  

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