Tourmaline - Black

Black Tourmaline is believed to be a powerful ally in the healing of mental disorders. It is able to assist the troubled mind and dispel negative thought patterns. It destroys the build up of illusionary paranoia and strengthens the will. It is very useful for sufferers of dyslexia by stimulating the brain and helping hand-to-eye co-ordination, assimilation and movement.

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The colour ranges, from pink to green and black, are good for balancing the polarities of all the chakras. It can also be found in reds, yellows and browns, but these have a different quality. Noticeably, people who are drawn to this colour range are often having difficulty with their sexuality.

For people who work with tree and plant magic, Tourmaline aligns to the ‘divas’ within nature and, when you bury a little in the garden flowerbeds, your blooms will benefit tremendously. It is widely believed that, when Tourmaline is offered to the ‘tree spirits’, your wishes will be answered and, if asked to keep the insects at bay in the vegetable plot, your crop will remain untouched. In fact  Tourmaline loves being in the garden. For a good healing, place a circle of Tourmaline around you in your garden and channel positive energy from source into your body. Then direct it to the area required. It will amplify the healing threefold and the Earth will take away all the negative debris.