Citrine is a crystal that does not hold negative energy. It is able to take negativity and ground it. Hence it never needs to be cleansed. This crystal works on the solar plexus chakra. It communicates on the etheric as an early warning system, alerting us that self-protection is necessary and allowing us to place barriers before an attack.

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This healing crystal can aid digestion and disorders of the stomach. It has also been used for visual problems, tenacity, to activate the thymus and to balance the thyroid. It is a stone for regeneration and recharge. It attracts what is needed – which is not always what is wanted. Citrine eliminates destructive tendencies by raising the self-esteem. It brings cheer and a light heart, hope, warmth and energy to all who work in the energy of this beautiful crystal.

It is widely considered a crystal of male or positive energies and is often placed beside a female crystal, such as Amethyst, to balance energy fields between them. When used in configuration healings it is placed in the East, the position of fire and the home of intuition.