Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the stone of the ancient ones, used by magicians through the ages. Powdered Lazurite is a source of the ultramarine pigment and is used in oil or egg tempera for painting. This stone is the reflection of the universe, with the tiny flecks of Pyrite being the stars.

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Used extensively in jewellery inlay, it is often worn on the throat or the heart chakra. It is used for protection, bonding loved ones and friendship. The richly adorned collars and necklaces of the pharaohs were heavily inlaid with Lapis. This stone is said to be given to the children of man from the Children of God – the Angels! It is said to be a message or gift from before time began. It has the ability to give the wearer understanding of the sacred texts hidden within accessible scrolls and books which are constantly coming to light. It changes the reality of the wearer by opening a higher awareness, lifting the vibration and thus connecting one to the fibres of source.

Lapis placed on the brow allows insight into our dreams and can help to develop astral travel. It supports courage in working toward spiritual development. It alerts one to psychic attack and returns it ‘to whence it came’. It is used for treatment of the immune system, and to strengthen the cellular structure.