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Week of the Goddess

This week we are looking at aspects of the Divine feminine through five different Goddess energies and what they each personify. There are two powerful diametrically opposed forces in our universe – masculine and feminine. Both Divine forces are interconnected and require balance for our universe to remain stable. There is also a Divine intelligence behind these opposing forces that holds the balance.

The Divine masculine energy seeks to dominate because by its very nature it desires to control everything. Masculine energy is focussed, firm, driven, logical and pro-active. It tries to push, orchestrate and direct everything to its analytical way of thinking. One way of flowing. Two thousand years of this ideology has left its mark through relationships, work, sex and religion. Although there is nothing negative about masculine energy when it is in balance with feminine energy on its own unchallenged it creates imbalance.

The Divine feminine energy is submissive because by its very nature it seeks passive, intuitive, nurturing, sensual and reproductive elements in tune with mother nature. This energy is affected by the cycles of the moon, seasons of the year and powerful emotions.  This Goddess energy much subtler yet equally as strong is very vital to one’s connection to the universe and all things. Its intuition, its mystery, its psychic, its sensitive and complex. When in balance with masculine energy it’s a place where the magic of self-empowerment brings peace and harmony within.

We do not need to look for the masculine or feminine energies outside of us to balance our lives. We simply need to find the embodiment of the Divine feminine and Divine Masculine inside ourselves. Without one or the other we are incomplete and this leads to the searching for something we can’t quantify, dissatisfaction, feeling lost, destruction, lethargy and deep rooted unhappiness.  Honouring the Divine feminine as a way back into balance brings self-love and eventually inner peace.

Each of the five Goddess energies we have chosen work on a different aspect of the Divine Feminine energy and offer a way back into self-love, self-worth and self-respect.

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