The Warrior Goddess

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The Warrior Goddess

The Warrior Goddess makes up a lot of women on their spiritual path right now. Many life- times of fighting and standing up for themselves, pushing boundaries and making waves. A Warrior Goddess stands up for what she believes in, she has fought for justice and coaxes, nurtures and carries her sisters alongside her. She leaves no one behind even to her own detriment and specks up for the downtrodden and oppressed. She is the personification of a strong woman with a heart of a warrior.

From history we are told Queen Boudicca went to war against the invading Romans as they plundered, raped and pillaged their way through England on their way to Scotland. The Romans raped her, and her daughters and she went seeking revenge taking up arms with the local Iceni tribesmen and women in her bladed chariot against them. She was a force to be reckoned with and many Romans were slaughtered. Ultimately, she died either in battle or by poison, but her name is remembered as one of Britons most noble and fierce warriors. She fought to keep Briton free from the invaders and she fought for righteousness. The odds were against her and she could have succumbed but knowing that – knowing she ultimately would not be able to hold back the entire Roman empire she decided to fight anyway. Queen Boudicca is the personification of a Warrior Goddess.

There are many female warrior Goddesses. Athena was a Greek Warrior Goddess; she did not approve of senseless wars and death instead she played the strategist. She is usually depicted wearing a helmet and carrying a spear. Bast the Egyptian war Goddess who protected the Lower Nile for the Pharaoh. Kali, the Hindu Dark Goddess of death and destruction. Freya, Norse Goddess of war who was allowed to keep half of the souls of the bravest warriors. She took them to spend the afterlife with her. And perhaps Badb, the Irish shapeshifting Goddess that symbolises life, death and rebirth, wisdom and creativity. She is an aspect of Morrigan.  

The Warrior Goddess represents to us the strength of body, mind and soul to fight for righteousness for oneself and others. It is on the shoulders of the Warrior Goddesses that have gone before we stand, and we owe it too them and ourselves from past life experiences to stand tall. It is not about winning at all costs – it is about balance and equality. Constantly reinstating balance. And, holding the balance. It only has to go too far one way, and all is lost.

If one is drawn to work with the energies of the Warrior Goddess, then it is time to stand up for who you are and what you believe in. You may with a true heart, draw on the energies of the Warrior Goddesses that have gone before and use that energy for your own use. Those who have struggled in this lifetime either with abuse, torment, victimisation or trust issues will find this energy a great stereotype to work with.

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