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Spiritual Chaperones

Have you every felt a presence?

When I was younger I often felt the presence of someone just behind me. I’d turn around and no one was there. Over the years this has become quite regular and almost normal. As I developed my psychic work, the connection to spirit has become stronger and I have had many adventures!

Many people come to me and talk about their angels, guides and spirit communication. Most whole heartedly believe that they are there to help, support and guide them daily.

I believe that spirits have many jobs to do; it’s more believable than just floating around on a white cloud playing a harp right? As above so below. One particular ‘job’ I have witnessed is what I can only describe as a spirit chaperone, present at my family’s births and passings.

I realise this sounds complicated but it really is quite simple. When a child is born their, spirit enters the body. This transition is a delicate one and needs expert midwives on both sides. Equally, when a person passes over the spirit leaves the physical body and there is a spirit chaperone to see them over safely. Believing totally in reincarnation, one might ask why is the chaperone necessary? The answer is the spirit is weakened by the transition.

There is another issue that is important to understand during this delicate transition. It would appear that spiritual beings who are not in a physical body find it difficult to stay long within the earth’s atmosphere.  It takes spiritual beings in a physical body either when they are ‘awake’ or during the hours their physical body is asleep to chaperone them. Spiritual beings generally meet the chaperones above the earth. These are busy comings and goings around the earth plane.  On average 360,000 babies are born each day around the world and 151,600 people die. Each one will need a chaperone. Then there are the mothers who are spiritually tended and the loved ones of the deceased. There is also the body of the deceased that needs watching for some time after death.

These are just some of the important roles that the spirit of a physical person attends to whilst the physical body sleeps. One can only begin to imagine so many more.

We would love to hear your stories or experiences around this or other spirit roles so get in touch if you would like to share!

Crystals for Working With Spirit

Tree Agate – Aids access to past life memories & the Akashic records

Angelite – Known as ‘The Awareness Stone’. Accelerates telesomatic activity

Auralite – Pushes through psychic blockages. Aids in astral travel.

Azurite – Reputed to open the third eye. Aids in understanding psychic exepreiences

Celestine – Recovers higher consciousness and jump-starts awarness of the higher self.