This pale blue crystal has a beautiful gentle and calming energy. It is used by healers for soothing fretful children and makes a wonderful addition to a child’s bedroom. Celestine instils peace.  Known as the ‘teacher’, this crystal is widely believed to have the ability to ‘jump-start’ awareness of the higher self. It is used by those starting our on their path of self-discovery, or by those who may have become lost, to recover higher consciousness. It is the crystal to work with for contacting your guardian angels or for creating a clear channel when opening up to explore the celestial realms.  Celestine promotes awareness and sensitivity of the etheric self by identifying troubled parts of the aura and restoring balance. Celestine reveals truths, It shows what is hidden and aids acceptance.

This heavenly crystal is full of the energy required to help one forgive and move on. It helps one to put their burdens down and to stop holding on to the pain. This crystal is a very good one to use when making life changing decisions because the clarity it brings is from ones higher good.  Excellent for meditating with as accesses the celestial realms quickly. Celestine is very useful for  those who regularly meditate as it remembers the route and access points that one travels. This means that on any  subsequent meditation one can begin at any place already visited.