Known as the ‘awareness’ stone – Angelite is a very dense mineral that, whilst enhancing telepathic communication, helps us to gain more control. It is particularly good for maintaining a contact with reality whilst we allow our spiritual awareness to make its journeys.

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It appears to accelerate both the speed and clarity of telesomatic activity by allowing a finer degree of ‘sympathetic vibration’ or ‘attunment’. It is a highly effective stone for healers since it both enhances their perceptions of the ailment in question and, at the same time, keeps the healer in touch with the here and now. For those embarking on their spiritual journey, Angelite is a very valuable friend.

Angelite is sometimes used during ‘circle work’ or group development workings. It is especially helpful for members who find that during these times, a flurry of spiritual activity takes place and yet little or none of it is comprehensible.

By holding Angelite it sharpens the focus allowing only the relevant pieces of the meditation or spirit/angelic communication to be retained. The density of the mineral also magically slows the ego! Reference the word Telesomatic: Tele means ‘distance’, as in telephone (distance-sound) Somatic means ‘of or relating to the body’ or ‘of or relating to the aura of the body’. This would therefore mean something that influences the body or the aura from a distance. This word I have only heard used regarding communication from a distance that is seemingly immeasurable or distant healing.

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