Seeking Lemuria – Christmas Retrospectively

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Seeking Lemuria – Christmas Retrospectively

At around the time of the longest night for many their thoughts start to turn within.

With short dull days and long cold nights, we tend to tuck ourselves away and do a little hibernating of our own.

This is great thinking time with the veil so thin. 

Since Samhain, channelled thoughts and our super stimulated consciousness, create the ideal environment for developing ones psyche and trying to understand the spiritual nature of humanity from a scientific view point. This can quickly elaborate into the study of ones coming into being or true soul journey particularly. So around this time of year we start to ask all those dark deep questions.

The Winter Solstice and the spirit of Christmas certainly can make one decidedly retrospective.

It starts with who am I and what am I doing? and ends with, is humanity really immortal and where am I/we returning too?

With more people talking about the ‘Watchers’ the ‘Starseed Beings’ the ‘Pleiadians’ the ‘Indigo’s the ‘Sirian-Star Being’s’ etc, these ideas and concepts are becoming more acceptable possibilities.

Now we do not simply postulate about the Darwinian theory of biological evolution. With so much documented information on the internet and channelled alternatives, there is an increase in people connecting to the Lemurian time line to make a link to bring back information that builds on what we now speculate as fact.

The internet has a lot to answer for as we now spend hours locked into our IPads absorbed in our new hobby of forever researching bits of random information.

So, along with ones own channelled experiences and using crystals to link into the time of Lemuria, here is a little information to get you started:

Lemuria is believed by many to have existed before the time of Atlantis and have been located somewhere in the South Pacific.

Many believe that the Lemurians were the first or one of the first civilisations inhabiting earth.

Legends have it that these were the descended Angels;  still spiritually aware, becoming physical beings that were learning how to survive with an emotional physical body.

It would take many reincarnations and thousands of years before they had learnt to access all of their first seven chakras. Therefore their intentions were much purer than those of the subsequent Atlantians who by then, had evolved into much more analytical beings.

The connection many seek is from this pure open channel or connection to source accessible from the Lemurian time frame.

Many seek to access the divine realms through Lemuria as they see this as the link to the Angelic realms.

We are lead to believe that the Lemurians were aware that they needed to protect their sacred knowledge and so locked it within the crystal kingdom.

Gradually after thousands of years certain crystals are being discovered that are believed to hold the energy and information of these ‘angelic’!  beings.

This week we are showcasing five crystals that we feel have the potential to unlock some of those secrets from the lost civilisation of Lemuria.

Click here for Lemurian Aquatine Quartz

Click here for K2 Stone

Click here for Tiffany Stone

Click here for Hackmanite

Click here for Shungite