Hackmanite is natural sodalite but what makes it different from our usual beloved sodalite is a rather unique fluorescence quality about it. Usually we only see varieties like this from Afghan and Burma with little on the market. Because of this little has been documented of it’s energy properties from natural healers.

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It is believed to stimulate the throat, third eye and crown chakra bringing confidence, logic and reason. This would be a great crystal for those requiring a boost in confidence in the field of the performing arts of all kinds, for public specking or simply for interviews or exams.

Used for meditation Hackmanite aids self worth and confidence in ones ability. It teaches one self-love, self-trust and conviction of ones beliefs. It is this quality that gives it its place in this week’s crystals because the whole topic of Lemuria is subjective. For those channeling new or undocumented information it can be a little unnerving to disclose to others a new found revelation. Working with Hackmanite we believe will help one assimilate information brought through from ones spiritual and psychic channeling.

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