Shungite is believed to be one of the oldest minerals on our planet with the largest deposits discovered in South Karelian. Shungite is what’s known as a carbonaceous rock and we normally get it in two kinds.

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There is the tumbled smooth pieces that vary in size, do not weigh very much and if rubbed can make your hands black. To look at these are a bit like coal but dull in colour. These are reasonably priced and generally readily available. Then there is the elite or superior Shungite that feels slightly heavier in weight and has a highly reflective shine to the raw face of it.

We believe that Shungite is made of sedimentary organic matter exposed to a prolonged high temperature and pressure.

Shungite has got quite a name for itself amongst healers with most reporting astounding positive results from working with it. Superior Shungite is believed to change water molecules within seconds of being submerged. Healers have done tests on this and report fascinating stories or negatively charged water being transformed into positively charged water as soon as Shungite is dropped into it. Most healers I know carry a piece of Shungite around with them. They report well being from all manner of ailments and troubles. All of them use Shungite in their drinking water having one piece charging the water in one drinking bottle whilst they are using another. Both bottles containing a piece of superior Shungite.

Healers use superior Shungite to treat almost any ailment or illness. Anything from aches and pains to serious cancers and disease.

Shungite has earned its place in our week on Lemuria because within this fascinating carbonaceous rock lies a memory. Memory of a cataclysmic event that changed the geography of our planet. Trapped within superior Shungite is the very long story of the evolution of Earth. Working with Shungite and drinking Shungite infused water is believed to have a positive affect on the molecular structure of ones physical body. Think of it as returning your physical body back to its default setting. Along the way your physical body may not only begin to take in the positively charged water and flush it through your system. It may also take on the memory from within the mineral that’s released into the water.

What we do know is that by working with Shungite healers and our customer report a change in their development. A shift in their understanding or an awakening as most call it. And once this happens there is no going back. There eyes are open and things never seem the same again. Some find their voice, their self worth. For some clairaudience is activated. For others their psychic gifts develop. Some are healed and others freed. All find answers within the self that they never realised were even questions.