Tiffany Stone

Tiffany stone chooses you and, if you are lucky enough to feel that vibrational match then be prepared for a major shift in your emotional and spiritual body. Tiffany stone used in meditation and held within the aura can show one the virtue in seeking their souls path. It creates change in thinking patterns shedding outdated ideas and making way for new revelations.

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Working with this humble stone stimulates the third eye (located behind the forehead) and aligns it to the energy of the Medulla Oblongata (located at the base of the brain stem and above the top of the spine.)

The alignment of these two energy centres stimulates ones psychic development through the third eye and and the voice of Cosmic Consciousness through the medulla oblongata. These are a powerful combination and one that can accelerate ones spiritual growth. Control of this alignment may take hard work and time but the reward is to become a fine tuned antenna transmitting and receiving cosmic energy. Development will allow one to focus and direct energy around the body breaking through blockages and releasing trapped energy. It will also aid one in the search for the understanding of lost information; In accessing the Akashic records and retrieving information encoded within the crystal kingdom.

Tiffany stone is thought of as the stone of the crone, thought to hold wisdom, courage, shrewdness and good judgement.