Get Your Big Girl Pants On!

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Get Your Big Girl Pants On!

Every day is filled with ups and downs and that’s life, however some days the universe gives you an extra big helping of one or the other.

The ups we can handle, easy peasy, and sometimes the smallest thing hardly worth mentioning can turn your day around. A smile from a passer-by, a tiny gift, a baby’s first steps, the sun shining or simply your jeans feeling less tight around the hips. All of a sudden you feel happier, lighter and have a “Yes I’ve got this” kinda attitude. It goes without saying that winning big on the lottery would be considered a major ‘up’ and you would celebrate with a happy dance!

The downs on the other hand, affect us completely differently. Knocking your morning coffee over, missing the bus, stuck in traffic, baby falls over and bangs her head, it’s overcast and raining or you can’t get your jeans fastened – suddenly it’s a catastrophe. Knocking the morning coffee over is going to cost you time. Baby falling over will give you guilt. Missing the bus will cost you a taxi. Raining “oh for goodness sake” it will ruin your hair and you will need to take a coat. And, if you feel fat in your jeans, kill me now I can’t take another wardrobe malfunction.

We all know that if we fail to prepare we should be prepared to fail but this is life we are talking about and most of us are running through our day trying to catch up. Logically everything I have mentioned is small fry. It’s all inconsequential in the scale of things and maybe it will ruin our day but not our life.

My daughter and I were sitting in the Chinese take away chatting away while we were waiting. We were discussing taking my grandson to Bristol Hospital the following day for some tests. We were feeling apprehensive and obviously nervous about it. As we paused for breath a woman sat on the other side of the room interjected with;

“You need to put on your big girls pants, pull them up over your belly push all your feelings and emotions down inside them, tuck them in and get on with it”.

Now, I thought we were whispering but it raised a smile and she did make me think that there was much more to this statement…

The lower three chakras; the base, the sacral and the solar plexus are all related to our emotions and when these energy centres are wide open we feel everything to a heightened sense. So, when we are happy we push out from the inside positive energy flushing through our energy centres sharing the love. On the contrary when we are sad or anxious we push and pull everything in and out through these same centres sending out negative chaotic vibes.

If we were to protect our energy centres and be vigilant we would all get through our day a lot calmer and more centred. I believe this without question. Putting on your “big girl pants” would physically and mentally prepare you for action. It would be the equivalent to protecting your lower three chakras, like putting on a suit or armour.

Losing a loved one to me is the very worst ‘down’ there can be. It is a major down. We put on our dark clothes, usually black to show respect for the dead. Throughout most of Europe wearing black is traditional. Black as a colour is considered dark and mysterious. Black is the colour of the night, the unseen and unknowable. I am wondering then, if traditionally black was worn perhaps to not draw attention to yourself whilst mourning. However, wearing black also cloaks the chakras and therefore would act as a form of protection, a barrier to help keep your emotions stable. So perhaps our ancestors knew a thing or two about energy!

Maybe then, when you are experiencing a major up or down and your emotions are all over the place, putting big girl pants on is not such a bad idea? After all when things are good you’re skipping around in your tiny thong confident and carefree. No need for big girl pants then.

And when minor ‘downs’ occur try visualising your energy centres having a big beautiful lotus flower in front of them.  Then intentionally visualise the petals closing keeping your energy uncontaminated. No need for big girl pants then, you’ve got this!

When the major ‘downs’ occur however, first visualise your lotus petals closing and then grab your big girls pants. Yes! Push all your fears and emotions into them and pull them up tight. Nothing is getting past these pants. Take a deep breath and you’re ready for action.

Of course, if you’re having a run of ‘downs’ and are constantly pulling up your big girl pants, eventually the elastic will break and then you will really have to show them your bad ass!

I read two great books published a few years ago called ‘Zero Limits’ and ‘F**k it the ultimate spiritual way’. Some days are Zero Limits days all about ho’oponopono and these are my ‘up’ days, to each and everything in your life we are responsible and the mantra goes..

I’m sorry,

Please forgive me,

Thank you,

I love you.

Based on the ancient Hawaiian teachings. Blissful. Marvellous. As for the more difficult  ‘down‘ days, when your knicker elastic has gone and your flashing a moony to the world F**K IT! Well, there is only so much a girl can take SO GO FOR  IT!

Love, light and peace.

Crystals for Empowering You!

Getting your big girl pants on is great, but sometimes we can all do with a little push. Here are our top pick crystals for empowering you when you need it most!

Faden – For anyone who has felt broken. Teaches that in healing, you grow stronger.

Amphibole Quartz – Known as ‘The Happy Crystal’. Teaches one to let go and just be. 

Super Seven – Ignites your inner power and intensifies psychic activity. 

Moldavite – Accelerates spiritual growth, clear and opens chakra blockages.

Tiffany Stone – Facilitates new revelations and changes thinking patterns.