Amphibole Quartz 6081

Quartz - Amphibole (Angel Phantom Quartz)

This quartz is another one that is fairly new to us. Only arrived last year and already one that is loved by healers and therapists. You always knew when a crystal is gaining a reputation because people are talking about it and asking for it. This particular combination of minerals within the quartz work together to bring about the feelings of genuine deep authentic heart felt joy.

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Some are asking for it by the name ‘The Happy Crystal’. It allows one to be who they really are instead of constant pretences, the strain of attempting to make something that is not truly the case appear true in order to fit in or be accepted. There is a huge energy about this crystal of simply letting go. Living in the moment and just being!

It has become known as the Angel Quartz, or Angel Phantom Quartz  due to its high vibration and the fact that larger pieces are full of phantom inclusions. The phantoms are not seen so clearly in tumbled pieces that have recently arrived on the market but even these are full of energy that simply buzzes. Amphibole Quartz is quartz crystal with phantom inclusions containing , red hematite which is grounding, protective and provides mental clarity, yellow/peach Limonite which alerts and protects one against psychic attack and Kaolinite used to aid clairaudience and strengthen connection to spirit.

Amphibole Quartz will encourage you to worry less. It will encourage you to take risks and can help with restlessness.

Use it by holding it in your hands and warming it, breathe on your crystal to stimulate warmth and activity within your crystal and squeeze it to activate the piezoelectricity. It is then ready for you to use it to connect to the higher angelic realms, to work with spirit guides and access your soul memory.

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