The Faden crystal is a form of quartz crystal that is normally founds in the crevasses or hollows of metamorphic rock formations. During the growth of these crystals there are ‘interruptions’ or ‘’changes’ that affect the evolution of the crystal. These ‘interruptions’ or ‘changes’ cause fractures in the matrix of the crystals which are seen as a breakage thread or a cloudy seam running through the quartz.

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This is because the crystal has healed itself by rejoining or fusing itself back together at its core and then continued its growth. This journey into being is the essence of the healing quality of this crystal.

The Faden is believed by healers to bring the physical and spiritual bodies together, activating a healing, harmonising, balancing and strengthening connection between them. So, for anyone who is or at sometime in there life has been “broken” this crystal is for you. The very nature of this crystal will teach you that broken can heal and as you heal, you heal stronger.

I have use the Faden to remove blockages in the aura and to remove pockets of negative energy in the aura causing problems. The Faden can also be used to place on a particular area of the body – for example if you are healing broken bones- or on a chakra point.

Faden crystals carry most of the attributes of clear quartz crystal at some lesser or higher degree. But they also carry the ‘dig deep and carry on’ determination required when times get tough.

Fadens are also used for astral travelling as it is believed that the mended ‘thread’ running through the crystal helps to tether one like a silver cord to their physical body when travelling.

And perhaps the most exciting development we have come across in the metaphysical world is the potential use of the Faden crystal as the best choice of quartz to – aid the removal of markers on DNA strands. There is an energetic correlation between the broken and then reconstructed Faden and a damaged or ‘marked’ DNA strand.

The best selling author Bruce Lipton has been writing books on the new scientific research into the biochemical effects of the brain, revealing that every thought you have has a direct influence over every cell in your entire body. Epigenetic’s is the new science that is explaining things that healers have known for millennia, that there is a profound link in mind over matter. Concentrated thought patterns are powerful. Science is evaluating this and giving it a new user friendly language.

Holding and squeezing your Faden produces piezoelectricity. Piezoelectricity electricity is an electrical charge that accumulates in particular substances like specific ceramics, crystals and biological matter once pressure is applied. Biological matter as in bone, various proteins and in DNA.

Generating a subtle electrical charge by squeezing and charging your Faden whilst focusing on a specific area of your own body and seeing it healed is the basis of the theory where science and magic meet.

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