Crystals For Surviving Christmas!

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Crystals For Surviving Christmas!

We decided on the energy of this week’s  crystals for social media some weeks ago and tentatively pencilled in ‘How to survive Christmas’. We know so many people who genuinely struggle at their time of year. They come on the shop and tell us. Some are still wondering around the streets of Glastonbury on Christmas morning still trying to figure it out.

Family get-togethers, great when everyone gets along and even then, lots of compromises need to be met.

Parents, siblings, children, extended family, friends and colleges.

Tensions, rivalries, jealousies, grievances, arguments and grief.

Christmas can be a whole lot of work and expense.

Then there are those who spend the festivities on their own. Either no family or family passed. There will be those who spend  Christmas in hospital and those who spend this time away from their families and loved ones for all sorts of reasons.

It is not always a jolly time of year for everyone.

All of the above mentioned can sometimes bring to the fore the more difficult side of ones personality.  The misunderstood side that try’s so hard to fit in and play the part expected of them, the part that you should feel happy playing. The energy that tells us we should be able to cope, that things aren’t that bad and glass half full etc; etc;  and yet!….. Its the energy of the Emperor card in the Major Arcana. Others would look at you and say ‘What have they got to be depressed about,  they have everything?’

And all the while your thinking things just don’t quite fit, is this my life? How did this happen? is this even my body? Is this my family? Where is my family? What am I doing? Where am I going? And, what for. What is it all about? I want to go home, where is home?

Now compact on top of how am I going to survive Christmas with the Emperor card energy and what do you have? A potentially explosive situation.

Well we are going to help you navigate the next few weeks with some beautiful crystal energy. This is not make believe or some what iffery.

This is pure Crystal Magic at its best.

Allow the crystals to work with you. You may be in for a surprise. Share this info with friends and family, someone might need it more then you.

Treat a loved one, yourself included to one, two or all these crystals. They make a great collection or survival bundle. You deserve it!

With each crystal brought this week we will send you the crystal write up with it so you can include it with your gift if you wish. If your stuck for a thoughtful gift then here’s the opportunity to show someone you care.

Hilutite –

Blue Morado Opal –

Black Beryl –

Meteorite –

Eudialyte –