Blue Morado Opal

Opal - Blue Morado

This gentle healing crystal is purple/blue in colour and what we refer to as ‘Natural Opalite’. It is the cheapest of opal but not one to be ignored. Not valued for its gem quality except as pretty cabochons but more for it energetic value. One of the lessons of this Opal is that beauty is held in the soul. The purply blue colour in Morada Opal is caused by the inclusion of slithers of Fluorite. The addition of Fluorite to the Opal helps bring about emotional healing.

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Some healers believe that the greener the blue/purple shade is (meaning that there is a greater amount of green Fluorite in the Opal) the higher the vibrational healing and effectiveness for healing cancers. (This colour is extremely rare). Especially so if used with Shungite. And, the more purple the colour is the more soothing the energy and suitable for use in healing depression and deeply buried resentments and anger.

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